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Team building workshop - in a new way

Team building with drums from all over the world


In the context of motivation and team-building we often use music and orchestras or bands as a picture to explain the different roles and important skills. As in every successful team we need


- special skills

- to act target-oriented in unison in the sense of the result and

- a distinct capacity of teamwork


For successful cooperation in our team it is necessary that we


- listen to and look at each other

- give space to the other members to let them develop their skills

- to take full effect of everybody´s skills in the sense of the result

- to contribute our skills in the best way


Making music on a violin needs years of training, but playing the drums you can learn much easier – even in one hour you can develop the first and most important abilities to play some interesting rhythms. Therefore I am using drums and percussion instruments from Africa and Middle- and South America.


In this way we are practising to go together in the same beat and tempo to create the best possible result! And we are relaxing and having fun together! In addition to that we are analysing and discussing the result and the way we are acting like a team.


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