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Selected projects

City of Žepče in the Bosna valley, BiH

Naturparkwerkstatt Burgenland

Contemplation and controlling 2016 - 2019

Partner: E.C.O. Institute for ecology

Client: Organisation of Nature parks Burgenland,

2016 - 2019


Naturparkwerkstatt Tirol

Alignment on tactical activities and objectives for the organisation of Tirolean nature parks.

Partner: E.C.O Institute for ecology.

Client: Government of Tirol, 2016


Alignment on tactical activities and objectives 2015 to 2020 for the nature parks of Burgenland

Partner: E.C.O. Institute for ecology, convelop.

Client: Organisation of nature parks of Burgenland, 2015


Mini Expedition South Styria on networking and exchange of know how in the fields of regional development, agricultural products and design with stakeholders from Slovenia (agriculture, wine producers, IT and design, technology park Murska Sobota).

Partner: Lincoln Island Research Society, 2013


Investigation of touristic potentials in the municipality of Žepče in Bosnia and Hercegovina, recommendations for activies and projects.

Client: Development agency of Žepče, 2013.


Networking with Austrian and Slovenian nature parks to develop cooperation in the fields of project development, marketing for nature protection, public awareness and cooperation with touristic organisations, 2012

Tri-lingual book about South Styria “Auf Bilderjagd im Weinland – Image Hunting in Wine Country – Chasse d´images dans les vignobles” by Daniel Ouimet, ISBN 978-3-200-02596-7. Texts, translation, correction, consulting of content and promotion.

Client: Kodiak Media publications, 2012


Educational trip to South Styria with Croatian nature parks Kopački rit and Papuk as well as wine growers and tourism and rural planning organisations from Slavonia, Croatia, as part of the GTZ project “Promotion of economic development and employment in the Croatian food production sector”.

Client: adler-marketing, 2010


Lecture and educational trip on regional development in nature park “Südsteirisches Weinland” at the international conference „Pomurje – right and wrong ways in regional development with special emphasis on environmental protection“.

Client:  Development centre Lendava, Slovenia, 2006


Lecture and workshop on the topic “Experience with and opportunities of the LEADER program” in Dobrovnik, Slovenia.

Client: Development agency Dobrovnik, 2006