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Lincoln Island Networking Expeditions

Creative networking for innovative entrepreneurs


Experienced entrepreneurs, business owners and decision makers understand that the best opportunities for growth and learning are outside the office. Traveling to foreign destinations with new people who have similar expectations  is a natural way of preparing fertile ground for new ideas and cooperation schemes. Creating personal relationships between entrepreneurs leads to a sustainable business future.


Emerging markets are looking for new knowledge, innovation in technology,  and improvement in quality standards. Designed for local and global entrepreneurs Lincoln Island’s Mini-Expeditions stimulate ideas and synergy between participants.


Travelling and exploring the host region, we visit local businesses and listen to recognized leaders share their experiences.


The Mini-Expeditions are designed to generate synergy between the participants. We balance knowledge sharing activities with experiential visits to local businesses as well as exploring the host region.


Instead of signing up for a conference or seminar, consider a journey with Lincoln Island’s Networking Expeditions. We are actively looking for new partnerships. Inquire today and make the world your classroom!


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